A survey ranks Illinois among the worst states for its lawsuit climate, a claim which the state's trial lawyers call "bogus."
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey ranks Illinois 48th in the nation for its environment for lawsuits against businesses.
"Illinois is a litigation haven that beckons to trial lawyers across the nation, and it's hurting your state's reputation," said Lisa Rickard, president of the U.S. Chamber's Institute for Legal Reform.

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Rickard says Illinois ranked at or near the bottom in several categories, including judges' impartiality, juries' fairness, and the treatment of class action suits.
But the results come from surveying attorneys and executives at companies which make at least $100 million a year. To Stephen Phillips, former president of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, that makes these findings unreliable.
"They interviewed the corporate counsel for the big, big, big mega-businesses, and what are they going to say? One lawsuit's too many (to them)," Phillips said.
Phillips claims the number of lawsuits filed in Illinois has dropped by 26 percent since 2007, and says most filings involve businesses as the plaintiffs.


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