A group of three eighth-graders from Illinois are the winners of a science and technology competition sponsored by the U.S. Army.
There’s a winner for each grade, six through nine, and the Illinois kids won the eight-grade competition. The winners are:
Prateek Dullur from Kennedy Junior High in Lisle
Aditya Ramachandran from Kennedy Junior High in Lisle
Adarsh Mattu from Madison Junior High in Naperville
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Their entry was a unit called an Anti-Flood Design, which covers a sump pit, to keep water out of a basement when there’s a storm and a power failure that prevents the sump pump from working.
“This way the water outside the basement, saturated in the soil outside, would reach the same level as the water inside the basement, except it would be contained in that little cylinder or that little device or that little AFD,” Ramachadran said.
The unit is 18 inches in diameter and is shaped like a funnel. It’s designed to adjust to the height of the basement. They made four prototypes to enter the contest. Ramachandran says the plan is to put this into commercial production.
The contest, called eCybermission, had 7,300 teams made up of 28,000 kids. Twenty teams, made up of 71 kids, made the national finals, with the winners announced Friday afternoon in Hunt Valley, Md.
The three Illinois kids get prizes of $5,000, already having won $4,000 for making the finals.
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