Unemployment in Illinois continues to drop. It’s down to 8.8 percent, the lowest rate in three years and a decline from 9.1 percent a month ago.   But Greg Rivara of the Illinois Department of Employment Security says it’s still too high to feel good about.


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“It is understandably difficult to get excited about an unemployment rate than has an 8 to the left of the decimal. But it was two years ago that there was an 11 that was left of the decimal, and while this recovery continues to be volatile, the overall trends are positive,” he said.   Unemployment has dropped by three-tenths of a percent each of the last three months, and those are the biggest one-month drops in 30 years. Nevertheless, Illinois unemployment remains higher than the national rate of 8.2 percent.   The state gained 9,100 jobs in March. The number of unemployed fell by 17,200 to 581,200.


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