Don’t expect the Illinois House to come back until its scheduled April 4 session, despite members of the GOP raising concerns in both chambers.

After the state Senate adjourned Thursday, several Republican members decried the House for being off until next month.

State Sen. Jason Barickman said House Speaker Michael Madigan should call his chamber back for session next week “and demonstrate to the people that we represent that we’re here ready to work and ready to work together on a bipartisan solution.”

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Republican state Sen. Dale Righter said he hears from people in his district that it’s ridiculous Speaker Madigan and the House took off for a month while the state faces a more than 8-month-old budget impasse.

“Who else in the midst of difficult issues, and some would say crisis, can simply walk away from their duties for a month and not be fired?” Righter asked.

Madigan Spokesman Steve Brown said no one raised concerns when the schedule was posted months ago. Responding to the governor earlier this week and now Republican senators, Brown said there’s no point in raising concern.

“They’re just complaining,” Brown said. “They obviously got their marching orders from the governor.”

Meanwhile, Brown said, no one should expect the speaker to call the House back.

“We’ll return on the scheduled date,” Brown said. “It’ll be soon enough.”

Brown said the House will return April 4 and the speaker will continue to work with the governor in a “professional and cooperative manner” to solve the budget impasse.

Earlier this week Gov. Bruce Rauner criticized Madigan for taking a month vacation, a characterization Brown dismissed, saying members are working in their districts. The Senate is scheduled back Wednesday next week.


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