Gov. Pat Quinn, in his own words, says he’ll work for same-sex marriage in Illinois.   The governor said last week through a spokesman that he agrees with the president on the issue. Monday, he said he will work to enact this.


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“The president indicated he thought it would be something the states would take on. Our state has enacted civil unions, the only state in the Midwest [though Iowa has same-sex marriage], it’s working very well, and now we will address marriage equality, and as governor I look forward to working with legislators and with the public to make this a reality,” he said.   Quinn recognizes that litigation involving same-sex marriage may soon reach the U.S. Supreme Court, whose decision could be binding on all states, but he says he would rather have this happen via legislation. However, it is unlikely to make it onto the agenda for Illinois lawmakers this spring, though a bill has been introduced.


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