Illinois gets a good grade and three bad ones for its tobacco laws in this year’s report from the American Lung Association.
Illinois gets an "A" for its smoke-free air laws in the 2015 State of Tobacco Control report, says Kathy Drea, the association’s vice president of advocacy for the Upper Midwest.
“We’re very proud that we have the strongest smoke-free law in the nation, and that’s because it includes casinos and gaming establishments, it also includes private clubs, and most recently, it also includes public college campuses” starting July 1, she said.
But Illinois gets an "F" for tobacco prevention and control funding, access to cessation services and tobacco taxes.
Illinois hauls in $1.1 billion in tobacco tax, and $350 million to $400 million in tobacco settlement funds, yet spends only $13 million on tobacco control – 9 percent of the amount the Centers for Disease Control recommends.
Illinois does have a low adult smoking rate – 18 percent.