Illinois drivers are paying top dollar to fill their tanks. In fact, Triple A lists the state as one of only nine across the nation with pump prices above four dollars a gallon. Illinois comes in as the seventh highest at $4.14 a gallon. Gas prices are hovering right around $4.40 in Chicago. Central and Southern Illinoisans are paying slightly less with prices ranging from $3.89 to $4.15 per gallon.

Triple A Spokesperson Beth Mosier says there’s no way of telling how high or low gas prices will go this summer. But part of the reason prices are high in Illinois is because the state adds about 57 cents in taxes to each gallon. That’s about a quarter higher than neighboring Missouri. Mosier says people can take things into their own hands by finding ways to combine errands and even car pooling, biking, or taking the bus to work.

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