Illinois has 104,000 jobs in the “clean energy” business.  This is according to a report by six organizations that work in the clean energy field, and the number represents a 7.8 percent increase in the last 15 months.
Gail Parson, the Midwest advocate for Environmental Entrepreneurs, one of the organizations behind the report, says a lot of the work – 66 percent – is in energy efficiency. “The best way to save money on energy is not to use it, and that’s what these folks are helping businesses do by making their offices more energy efficient, and homeowners also,” she said.
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The jobs in clean energy are spread across the state, according to the report.
Parson says the field is growing because of the convergence of energy saving technology, regulations, market forces and environmental concerns.
Other organizations behind the study are the Clean Energy Trust, Environmental Law & Policy Center, Energy Foundation, The Joyce Foundation and the Natural Resources Defense Council. The full report is at
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