Illinois is the No. 2 state in the nation for hail damage, according to State Farm.  The numbers may be skewed by where State Farm writes the most insurance, but spokesman Missy Dundov says Illinois really is a high-hail state.  “Illinois does get a lot of hail storms, and we at State Farm see damage not only to homes but to cars, to boats, to other things too, so that number is not just homes but also to automobiles and boats and RVs and that type of thing,” she said.
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State Farm customers in Illinois made 41,000 wind and hail damage claims last year, worth $3.9 billion. Texas was No. 1 with 47,000 claims.  What can you do to prevent damage? If you know a hail storm is coming, try to get your car under cover. If you’re remodeling a house or building a new one, you can buy impact resistant roofing, and such a purchase might produce an insurance discount, Dundov said.
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