Law enforcement wants people to know that July 9 is the new deadline for the state to have a concealed carry law. The General Assembly passed a concealed carry bill, but the governor has yet to act on it. “There was a June 4 deadline for the federal court of appeals. June 4 the Attorney General Lisa Madigan asked for a(n) extension on the court of appeals for the concealed weapons that will remain into effect until July 9,” said John Kennedy, executive director of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police.

Some were confused as about whether concealed carry had gone into effect when June 4 came and went.

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 “I know that there was a sheriff down in Southern Illinois who said that (Illinoisans) could carry and that’s what prompted this. We want to make it very clear that Illinois does not have a concealed carry law right now,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy says if someone is caught carry a concealed weapon while it is still illegal, they will be arrested.

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