Illinois' police officers and EMT's are getting the message: a round yellow sticker on the back of your car means important medical information about the people in the car can be found in the glove compartment. The information could save your life if, for example, you are allergic to medication. The woman who is the Illinois Department of Transportation's coordinator for the Yellow Dot program says it's vital to her own family: Lindsay Faulkner's five-year-old son, Furio, has a rare genetic condition which affects his breathing and which leaves him susceptible to seizures.

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“The unknown can be scary,” she said at an announcement at the Illinois State Fair. “If, God forbid, we were to get into an accident today, paramedics and hospital staff would know immediately his condition and what they can and cannot do to administer the care that he would need. They would know right away that he needs full-time oxygen to live, that he has limited speech, that he cannot stand or walk on his own, and what medication he requires.”

The stickers and accompanying glove-box cards are available at the IDOT tent at the fair.

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