The Illinois Department of Transportation is declaring itself ready for winter.  “We anticipate a typical Illinois winter this year. In other words, we can expect rapidly changing, and at times unpredictable weather that can make travel a challenge, with little or no notice. As always, we will be prepared at IDOT for the worst. We’re re-stocking our salt supplies statewide, and expect to be ready to fight snow and ice throughout the winter,” said Steve Travia, acting director of operations for IDOT, at a news conference in an IDOT maintenance facility near I-90/94 in Chicago.
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IDOT is responsible for snow plowing on 43,676 lane-miles of roads, mainly the state’s non-toll Interstate highways, and some other major roads. They use 1,768 trucks. Last winter, they went through 799,496 tons of salt. They have 1 million tons available for this winter.  Snow removal last winter cost IDOT $131 million – and that’s just IDOT. Cities counties and the Illinois Tollway system have their own snow removal budgets.
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