The state is declaring itself ready for winter on the roads. The Illinois Department of Transportation has 1,700 trucks and 3,600 workers to clear snow and spread salt.

Assistant regional engineer Carmen Iacullo warns drivers to stay away from this equipment. “They’re heavy equipment. They need room to do their jobs, so if you see them working, give them room, and let them do their jobs,” he said.

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Lt. John Hernandez of the State Police has advice too: Drive gently when there’s now and ice: No sharp braking or sudden lane changes when there’s snow or ice on the road, and leave extra clearance between your car and other cars on the road.

IDOT crews spread 562,000 tons of salt last winter – up slightly from the winter of 2009-10. Snow removal last winter on IDOT-maintained routes cost the state $84 million.

The price of salt is stable, at around $59 a ton, and Iacullo says IDOT has an adequate supply.

(Illinois Radio Network)