The Illinois House passed a bill that would allocate money to health care, the Illinois Department of Transportation, and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.  Republicans were not on board with the bill, including State Rep. Dennis Reboletti (R-Addison).  
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“When you want to bring a clean bill that takes care of our immediate issues, I’ll help you on that. But this - take it or leave it, well we found some money, this is some peskier money. That’s not true. There’s more spending here. You’re addicted to it, and you can’t stop,” Reboletti said.
Republicans were not the only ones voicing concern. State Rep. Will Davis (D-Homewood) said IDOT didn’t deserve more money.  “What are they spending in the south suburbs?  What are they spending in additionally on the South Side of Chicago?  And it’s unfortunate that I’ve been asking this question to IDOT,” Davis said.  The bill, HB 190, passed with 63 votes, just three more than the minimum required.
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