As members of the House of Representatives prepare to take up another measure to repeal the Affordable Care Act, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) says House members are wasting their time.   The expected vote today would be the 31st time the House has voted to dismantle the national health care law.  Republicans says a vote after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the law constitutional will strengthen the party’s position against the bill.

Democrats, like Durbin, say it’s a political show vote and a waste of time.

Durbin comments

The bill has little chance of passing in the Democrat-controlled Senate.  Even if it did pass, the president has vowed to veto it.   Republicans take issue over the mandate requiring individuals to carry health insurance or be forced to pay a penalty.  The Supreme Court upheld the law after a challenge by states that also were against the mandate, but Republicans say just because it’s constitutional doesn’t mean it’s good policy.