The sweet smell of success is the vote following a years-long effort to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes in Illinois.  A medical marihuana bill passed the Illinois House Wednesday afternoon.   State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie), the sponsor, touted his bill as America’s most restrictive – a pilot program that would restrict the prescription of pot to treatment of 33 specific illnesses, and by doctors who have a bona fide relationship with the patient.
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Those provisions, Lang said, make Illinois unlike California, which Lang holds up as an example of how not to pass a marijuana law.  “There are grannies in this state with colon cancer … who are terminal,” said Lang, trying to characterize the potential users.  Some of those patients are friends of Republicans. “My dear friend Ralph died two years ago,” said State Rep. Joann Osmond (R-Antioch). “He never asked – only once – if he could have marijuana in the house, and I said no. Sometimes I resent that, because it might have helped him.”
To those concerned about teenagers gaining unlawful access to the medical pot, Lang said teens are not only smoking pot already, but they are also stealing legal prescription painkillers out of the family medicine cabinet.
S.B. 1 has passed the House, 61-57.