Not all schools are equipped to help all types of students. A bill going through the Illinois House would require schools to have a policy in place to help students who are pregnant, have a child or are victims of sexual and domestic violence.   Wendy Pollack, director of the Women’s Law and Policy Project at the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, worked with the bill’s sponsor.
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“These students deserve our attention and the enactment of (the bill) so that they may attend school and complete their education in a safe and encouraging environment,” Pollack testified.  Ericka Miller, a victim of sexual abuse who was expelled from her school, also stood in support of the bill. “(Passing the bill) would mean so much to me, but more importantly it would mean so much for the children in school today coping with the abuse they have experienced. So much has been taken away from us by our predators, don’t let them take away our education too,” Miller said.
H.B. 2213 passed the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee.
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