A bill to require abortion doctors in Illinois to offer the mother a view of an ultrasound is under attack – by lawmakers attaching hostile amendments.   The bill’s sponsor,  (D-Chicago, pictured), asked the amendments’ sponsors if they would be willing to co-sponsor the entire bill, and all five said they would be unlikely to. “That’s what you call, ladies and gentlemen, a hostile amendment to kill a bill,” Lyons concluded.


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The amendments approved in committee would: tighten regulations on who can perform ultrasounds; require disclosure of the cost of the ultrasound; extend the ultrasound requirement to dozens of other medical procedures; tie insurance coverage of erectile dysfunction medication to that of birth control pills; and require counseling for men seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction.   Lyons asked the lawmakers to withdraw their amendments and simply debate the bill in the full House: “If you want to kill my bill, kill it on the House floor.”   Amendments 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 to H.B. 4085 have passed the House Human Services Committee.


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