Retiring Illinois Auditor General William Holland makes a habit of not issuing news releases or even talking to the media.  But, some habits get broken.

The Illinois News Broadcasters Association named Holland "Illinoisan of the Year" as voted on by past presidents.  As for why Holland doesn't otherwise talk to reporters all that often...

"The office of the Auditor General is not about Bill Holland.  It's about the work product that we put out," says Holland.  "The work product that we put out stands on its own.  The merits are there.  [Reporters] pick [audits] up.  You cover it."

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Holland says he's just like one of those in the news business.

"We are agents of sunshine.  We bring sunshine to what goes on in state government," says Holland.  "You've got a little bit different perspective than I do; but nonetheless, we are those who cast a little sunshine on everything that takes place in Springfield and whereever else your beats are covered.  As a results of that sunshine, we are catalysts for positive change in state government."

Holland says the Illinois legislature should pick someone to replace him who's also fair and doesn't have a political agenda, and says it would be "unwise" for Governor Bruce Rauner to exercise any influence over the selection.