With the holidays just around the corner, there will be presents galore in most neighborhoods.  A by-product of those gifts are wrapping paper, cards, boxes, and other items that traditionally end up in the garbage, but the head of the local Sierra Club chapter wants you to know that three-fourths of what goes into landfills could just as easily be recycled.  That includes old electronics that are being replaced.

If you get new electronics, keep in mind there are new laws governing the disposal of the items they will be replacing.  Christine Favilla says disposing of these items are free through any reputable e-cycler.

Favilla comments

One exception would be if the e-cycler has to make a pick-up, in which case they could ask you to cover the cost of transportation.   Favilla says Somtech Recycling on Ridge Street or M.A.W. Salvage in Fosterburg are two local options if you have electronics that you want to get rid of.  There is also a complete listing of e-cyclers available at the Sierra Club's website.


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