If you made it through round one of eating your way through the holidays, a registered dietitian has some tips for making it through round two. 
Christina Rollins is the director of the Food and Nutrition Services Department at Springfield’s Memorial Center, and says it’s okay to splurge on food…a little…
“Balance out some of those high-sugar, high-fat foods with healthier options like fresh foods and vegetables,” says Rollins.  “One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they starve themselves before the big holiday party, and they’re so famished they can’t control what they’re eating.”
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Rollins says if you count calories and sugar, make sure you do so as you’re out at holidays parties and like to have a drink or two.
“It’s easy to consume a lot of calories in your beverages, because they don’t make you full, so you don’t feel it as much as you would when you’re eating a solid food,” says Rollins.  “[Calories] do vary depending on the type of alcoholic beverage.  It is good to avoid those that have a lot of added sugar, like your mixed drinks like a pina colada or margarita.  Those are going to be your heavier alcoholic drinks.”
Rollins says there’s still time to curb your enthusiasm, so to speak, over eating at the holidays, too.  She says while you don’t gain weight over one day of eating, if you will be part of a large meal at night, having a salad or soup for lunch helps your appetite.
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