State Representative Thomas Holbrook of Belleville will be moving into a new office.  Contrary to much speculation, he is not throwing his hat into the ring for Jerry Costello's soon-to-be open seat in the U.S. House.  Instead, Holbrook will head up the Illinois Pollution Control Board, a job that Holbrook feels comfortable in accepting.

As chairman of the Illinois Pollution Control Board, he will oversee various environmental issues.  He says he has experience with these issues, having been on the environment committee in the House of Representatives, and also chairing a national state legislator's committee on energy and its effect on the environment.


Holbrook comments

The job also pays about $50,000 more than his current post, beginnging at around $120,000. Holbrook says he is very proud of his 17 years serving the people of the 113th District in the Illinois House.  He says there will likely be several candidates throw their hat into the ring come election time, but it will be up to the local Democratic offices in Madison and St. Clair Counties to appoint a successor to fill out the remainder of his term.