Repeat winners took home the prize money at the Illinois State Fair's calling contests. Kyle Barton of West Des Moines, Ia., won for the third time, to go with two wins in Nebraska and five in his home state.  He actually does not own hogs he can call; he entered on a lark after his mother won a ribbon for a gingerbread house and teased him about not winning anything.
“I try and save my voice,” Barton says, explaining his strategy of not practicing his calls, “so I always carry a little glass of lemonade. And maybe I'll have one beer.”
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Kelly Tierney of Cornland, Ill., has entered ten times and won Sunday for the eighth time. She normally creates an elaborate skit; Sunday, she pretended to be an elderly woman who was mixed up about where she was; her character thought she was in Indiana and that the competition was husband falling, not calling.
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