Alton Mayor Tom Hoechst is seeking a second term in office, and now knows his competition will come in the form of a write-in campaign by Alton Businessman Brant Walker.  Hoechst was elected in 2009, fending off three other challengers, including Walker.  Hoechst points to his record on fiscal issues as the reason he should be returned to office.

Hoechst thinks he is the candidate who can best move Alton forward.

Hoechst comments

Hoechst says his administration has been a leader in finding savings for the city, pointing to over $600,000 through energy efficiency in City facilities and street lights, reducing the city staff by 65 employees through voluntary reductions, and implementing an automated trash system, forecast to save the city $422,000 over the next three years.  He also points to the development of a new multi-modal transportation facility and the $21-million in federal grants awarded in association with the project as a sign of the progress Alton has been making.

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