When the Madison County Clerk's Office completed the election canvass late last month, the numbers had not changed in the hotly-contested race for Alton Mayor.  It was known at that time the process of "Discovery" was still on the table, which Alton Mayor Tom Hoechst has decided to pursue.  The process will allow both campaigns the opportunity to sit together with the Clerk and review 25% of the ballots cast to see whether a full recount is warranted.

Madison County Clerk Debbie Ming-Mendoza says this will not impact tomorrow night's swearing in of Brant Walker at City Hall.

Ming-Mendoza comments

The inauguration is scheduled for 8pm.  According to numbers from the clerk's office, Walker has 1,853 votes, with incumbent Tom Hoechst pulling in 1,779.  In Committee of the Whole business from Monday, lease agreements with Chez Marilyn and the Rajin Cajun Piano Bar were approved, and permission was granted to close certain streets in Upper Alton for the annual Memorial Day Parade.   

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