More than 150 higher education administrators are meeting at Illinois State University this week to discuss effective practices in higher education.  On Wednesday, Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon unveiled a college completion playbook.  Simon wants to reduce costs and raise graduation rates at Illinois’ institutions of higher education. She said the playbook is meant to guide schools through effective national expertise and successful state programs.
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“While schools do a great job of teaching their students, they’re not necessarily the best students themselves,” she said. “Academic institutions can do a better job learning from each other and that there are a lot of great things going on in Illinois education.”  Simon visited all 48 Illinois community colleges and 12 public universities as she put together a “best of the best” playbook for success.  The compilation includes ideas on when and where students get off track for graduation, and how to increase internship opportunities. Simon praised the internship programs on the Illinois State campus, especially through the College of Business. She also highlighted Southern Illinois University’s “credit creep,” or unnecessary credits students take to get a degree, and Northern Illinois University’s transfer streamlining.
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