An Amtrak train in Illinois has surpassed 110 mph.  It happened Friday, for a period of about three minutes, on a stretch south of Odell, on a special train full of politicians and other proponents of high-speed rail.  U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, the former Illinois congressman, announced the results when the train arrived in Normal.
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“We just arrived here from Joliet, and I’m proud to say the train went 111 mph. We only wanted it to go 110, but it went 111, so we’re very proud of that. This is an exciting day,” he said.  The ride was smooth, but the 110 mph experience was short, the travel time saved was negligible, and 110 mph trains won’t be part of regular service for another few weeks on this short segment, while the rest of the route still tops out at 79 mph, for now.
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