As work progresses on the new high-speed rail corridor from St. Louis to Chicago, the Illinois Department of Transportation is holding public meetings along the route to keep the public abreast of the project. Meetings have been held recently in Joliet, Bloomington, Springfield and Carlinville, and the final one of this series is scheduled today in Alton.

In anticipation of increased ridership along with a desire to replace the aging train station in Alton, city leaders are looking hard at a location for a new station at what is now the Wadlow Golf Course on the Homer Adams Parkway. Another area yet to be decided is whether to continue to share tracks with freight trains, or build a second track. That is a decision that will be made at the state level, according to IDOT spokesman Josh Kauffman.

Kauffman comments


Today's meeting in Alton will be in the Holiday Inn Ballroom from 4-7pm. For more information, log on to this story at and follow the link.