Never mind the potholes. A new report said Illinois actually has one of the best highway systems in the country.

The Reason Foundation report gives Illinois high marks for the condition of its roads and a low highway traffic death toll.

Professor David Hartgen looked at all 50 states and ranked Illinois 29th, but he said Illinois is actually tied for first in pavement quality.

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"Our analysis shows Illinois has almost twice as much money to work with per mile as does the average state," Hartgen said. "With those resources, the system ought to be in better shape than the average state, and it is."

Hartgen said Illinois spent $5 billion on roads in 2013, the last set of complete data he could get for the study.

"Illinois has quite a large highway system ... the 12th largest in the county," Hartgen said. "If you look at how much money the state has, Illinois has more money to work with per mile than the average state."

The Reason report said traffic congestion around Chicago and narrow rural highways drove down Illinois' overall ranking.

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