The Illinois Supreme Court has agreed with a lower court that a ballot measure on re-drawing the states political boundaries is unconstitutional.  The ruling means Illinois voters will not get a chance to decide if the power to re-draw district boundaries should go to an independent commission instead of state lawmakers.

The Illinois Supreme Court vote was 4-3 to support a ruling by a Cook County Judge earlier this summer.  The ballot measure had bipartisan support from the likes of former Republican Governor Jim Edgar and former Democratic Illinois Lt. Governor Shelia Simon.   Opponents who filed the suit against the ballot measure said among the problems would have been proper minority representation.  They also said the ballot measure did not meet narrow constitutional requirements.   Governor Bruce Rauner, who was a supporter of the initiative, said the ruling did nothing to change the view that Illinois’ political system is rigged and corrupt and denies Illinois voters a voice.  He called on the General Assembly to make term limits and independent redistricting a top priority for the fall veto session.