The Alton Police Chief says he is deeply concerned by the increasing number of Heroin users, as the demand they create is fueling more crime in the city. While drugs arrests in the city are down over this time last year, David Hayes (pictured) says it continues to be a battle. He says North St. Louis is a distribution hub for heroin dealers, and that allows for easy access into Alton.

Hayes said the crimes being committed by users are of the burglary and theft variety, for the most part. He says it is a different demographic responsible for most of the violent crimes.

Hayes comments

According to a recent White House Drug Control Policy report, there will be an estimated 180,000 new heroin users this year. Telltale signs you may know a heroin user would include very small dilated eye pupils, track marks from injecting the drug, and usually a significant decrease in weight.  You can hear more with Chief Hayes Thursday morning at 11:00 on Let's Talk on Z-1570.

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