A Collinsville man is the latest victim of the heroin epidemic in Madison County. 45 year old Samuel Malter was found dead in a McDonald's bathroom in Collinsville on November 1 died of a heroin overdose according to the County Corner. Investigators report they found heroin, anti-depressants and pain killers in Malter's system.

Authorities did believe he died of the drug overdose, but waited until the cororner's report was complete before confirming it was an accidential overdose. Malter had apparently been in the restaurant for several hours drinking coffee when he borrowed a phone from an employee. A short time later, witnesses say he met someone in the parking lot, and then returned inside and went into the restroom. So far 22 people have died of a heroin related overdose in Madison County this year.

(WBGZ-ME/Metro News)