A Madison County judge has dismissed the case against a man accused of providing a woman the heroin that led to her deadly overdose. Prosecutors say 20 year old Taylor Kennedy of Troy provided the drugs to 17-year-old Shannon Gaddis, who later died. Kennedy's lawyers claim Gaddis took the heroin from their client while he was passed out.

In his ruling yesterday, Associate Judge James Hackett said that the prosecution failed to prove a drug deal actually took place in Illinois. During the course of the case, the evidence showed that the two were in Missouri when the drug purchase occurred, although Gaddis died in Illinois. Madison County State's Attorney Tom Gibbons said in a statement following the case dismissal that he knew it was going to be a difficult case, and that prosecutors are in new territory with the new law that attempts to crack down on those that contribute to someone's drug overdose death. This was the first attempt to prosecute someone in Madison County under the new law that attempts to hold accountable those that purchase heroin for someone else who then overdose on the drug.

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