A Madison County Judge will conduct a hearing today regarding the case of a Godfrey dog accused of multiple biting incidents, the most recent late last month involving a young jogger. Malorie Vest of Godfrey, a college age student, claims a pit bull bit her on the leg May 23 while she was jogging along Delmar, leading to more than 100 stitches and a broken finger, and also claims the dog in question has attacked in the past.

The lawsuit filed June 1 alleges the defendants in the case, Patricia Gelzinnis, Gregory Gelzinnis and Michael McCauley of Godfrey are responsible for the dog named Precious, and claims this is the third case in which the dog has bitten someone. In one case in 2009, the suit says a woman was bitten by the dog when she visited the business Bluff City Tours, operated by Gelzinnises. Another incident mentioned dates back to 2010 when a cousin of Greg Gelzinnis was bitten by the dog, according to a report from Madison County Animal Control. The Madison County State's Attorney became involved in the most recent case and intervened in keeping the dog quarantined until the outcome today's hearing.

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