The citizen who filed a complaint over state Sen. Sam McCann's campaign spending says McCann needs to be held to the same standards as workers in the private sector. 

An Illinois State Board of Elections hearing delving into questions about McCann’s campaign expenses is scheduled for Sept. 7. 
Kirk Million of Jacksonville raised questions about tens of thousands of dollars in expenditures and mileage reimbursements McCann, R-Plainview, reported over a nine month period from 2014 to 2015. Million said it’s suspicious the numbers are large and rounded. 

He said if he provided a private employer with as little information as McCann provided in his expense reports, there would be consequences.“If I had ever turned in a report like that I would have been in deep trouble, probably fired and then prosecuted for money that I had wronged them of,” Million said. 

Million said McCann’s failure to appear at a previous hearing is offensive. 

“The man had been properly notified by the Illinois State Board of Elections and failed to even show up to the hearings. It’s an absolute slap in the face to the citizens of Illinois,” Million said.

An initial closed-door hearing in March delved into whether the case was justified. That was followed up with a public hearing order. The public hearing in September will review the merits of the case. 

Million said citizens around the state should scrutinize their elected officials' campaign expense reports to hold them accountable. 

“It’s unbelievable. It’s been going on for years and it’s just thievery,” Million said. 

Messages seeking comment from McCann were not returned.
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