Hospitals and health clinics across the state are utilizing state funds to renovate their facilities.   The head of the Illinois Department of Public Health recently toured the Mount Sinai Hospital Health Clinic in Chicago, where $7 million in capital construction funds are helping build a facility to help Sinai relocate its specialty clinics into one space.
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Sinai isn’t the only hospital benefiting from capital money. Dozens of medical and health facilities across the state have received funds for similar projects. Through the Illinois Department of Public Health, $150 million is being distributed for new infrastructure projects.  Blessing Hospital in Quincy is another example of a facility that is putting the money to work. They are investing capital funds into a piece of equipment in a new lab that will speed up blood tests. Once complete, Blessing hopes to be able to help other area hospitals with blood testing and analyzing.  According to IDPH, 16 “safety net” hospitals meet the criteria for capital funds, as well as 108 community hospitals.
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