The weather outside is frightful, and that is just one of the things that can lead to stress this year.

Trish Fehr Logsdon is a licensed counselor with Springfield-based Memorial Counseling Associates, and says the biggest problem of all may be just trying to be all things to all people over the holidays -- something she calls a clash between eustress or "beneficial stress", and distress.

"You have the normal, everyday things you have to go through, with budgeting and time management.  The kids still have all those things that they need to do," says Logsdon.  "Then, you add to that the extra things like the extra parties, and the extra gift for this person.  And, after a while, it can feel like a little much."

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Logsdon says sleep problems, appetite dimishment, and other problems can be attributed to the clash of stressors.  She says at some point, simply sit back and take stock of all that you're committed to, and even eat more purposefully.

"One of the things that is so hard to do but necessary is to say 'no thank you' if you can't do some of those extra things that are there," says Logsdon.  "It's very hard to do that, but just expressing your desire to be there and do it is helpful."
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