Halloween night will be here in a few days and the Illinois State Police wants to remind parents and kids that safety should be a priority.  Thousands of costumed children across the Riverbend are expected to be out in the neighborhoods over the next few days, with many municipalities offering two nights of trick or treating.  

Trooper Doug Francis has a few tips for a safe and happy Halloween, including wearing highly visible costumes, plan your trick-or-treating route in advance and make sure you have a flashlight with fresh batteries in it.  If you haven't finished your child's costume yet, he says you should think about using make-up instead of a mask, and seriously consider adding some reflective material.

Francis comments

Although there hasn't been any reported case of tampering with the treats in recent years, he says it's still a good idea to check the candy, apples or other treats before allowing your child to dig in.  If you suspect tampering, contact your local police.

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