Months of anxiety over seven state facilities – and the people who work and live in them – are over for now. The Illinois General Assembly found enough money to keep open the five mental health facilities and two prisons the governor said he’d have to close because the original budget did not give him enough money. Alton State Senator Bill Haine is one member of the General Assembly that was happy to see that happen.


The corrections facilities involved are at Lincoln and Murphysboro. The mental health facilities are at Tinley Park, Rockford, Chester, Jacksonville, and Dixon. Haine says keeping those facilities open has a direct effect on Alton.

Haine comments


He, however, is not a fan of the move by the Senate to approve a three-point-five-billion-dollar clean-coal project in Taylorville.  Senate President John Cullerton says it will pump eight-billion dollars into the state's economy, but Haine points out local corporation Peabody Energy is pumping a significant investment into the coal industry without state backing.