When cameras are everywhere, it helps, according to a prosecutor-turned-senator. State Sen. Bill Haine (D-Alton) used to be Madison County state's attorney and recalls the introduction of the dashboard camera to police cars.  “We supported that,” Haine said, “In fact, we used to videotape the confessions before that became the law.  We were doing that on major departments … just to remove questions defense lawyers would raise.”


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Haine, now the Senate sponsor of a bill to promote more cameras for police cars and even police uniforms, was with another innovation: recording interviews with children who were allegedly crime victims. “Forensic interviewers would interview children – all videotaped, with no gaps.  And that's important for a jury to hear … because a standard defense tactic would be to say the child was fed the allegation.”

Haine says even if you are a defense lawyer, anything which muddies the situation and potentially compromises a case is bad for the system.

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