A pair of Illinois Supreme Court rulings issued Thursday is pleasing to gun groups.   In one of them, the high court sided with a Chicago man who had been arrested while having a gun in a friend’s yard. Virginia-based gun rights lawyer Steve Halbrook, who filed a “friend of the court” brief on behalf of the Illinois State Rifle Association in the case of State of Illinois v. Alberto Aguilar, says it’s a nice vindication of the ruling that orders a concealed carry law be enacted here.
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“The state argued that he didn’t have standing because he was a juvenile, and that he couldn’t have qualified to bear arms at any rate, he wasn’t in compliance with the statute and all that,” Halbrook said, “and the court said, this law is on its face invalid. It violates the Second Amendment.”
The other ruling throws out a Quincy-area man’s ineligibility for a Firearm Owner ID Card; he pleaded guilty to domestic battery before it was against the law for that to disqualify you from getting a FOID card.
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