The gun debate is supposed to take place this week in the U.S. Senate.   U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) says he isn’t even sure the debate on gun legislation will happen. “It’s going to be tough. First to move to the bill we need 60 votes, which requires Republicans to join us even to bring the bill to the floor,” he said.
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If it does reach the floor, Durbin is interested in harsher penalties for straw purchasers and gun traffickers, and more reporting of mental instability.  “The hottest issues will be universal background checks, which I support and the NRA opposes, as well as the assault weapons ban, which I also support, and is also probably the longest odds in terms of passing,” he said.  The U.S. House has said it will wait to see what the Senate passes on guns before it considers legislation.
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