Things got intense during gun debates on the House floor; so much so that one representative started yelling and kicking.  The voting choices of two Democrats prevented a ban on high-capacity magazines from reaching a tie vote.  State Rep. Al Riley (D-Olympia Fields) voted present.


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“I do think that there are some technical issues with the bill. I did not want to vote against the man's bill, because I think he has some good points. But there were some good points on the other side too,” Riley said.

State Rep. Jack D. Franks (D-Marengo, pictured), who chose not to vote on that proposal, says the legislature should be discussing pensions. “We can just suspend all other business, work on the two things we have to. Pensions for sure, because if we don’t fix this the whole state is going to crumble.   And we have a court order to deal with conceal carry, so we do that next.  And then we’ll get to everything else,” Franks said.


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