A guard at the Greenville Correctional Center has been sentenced to 30 months in jail for smuggling items to prisoners at the facility. Dreaux Perkins pleaded guilty to wire fraud, making false statements, and bribery of a public official. He reportedly was caught smuggling tobacco into the prison for gang members.

His attorney argued for one year and a day behind bars, but U.S. District Judge Michael Reagan said a message needed to be sent to others that the law must be followed. Perkins could have received between 30 and 37 months in jail, and Reagan said he went with 30 due to Perkins past military service. Perkins attorney said his client needed continued medical treatment from post-traumatic stress syndrome and traumatic brain injury suffered during his time in the service. He also argued that Perkins had a gambling problem, and any money he made smuggling the items he immediately lost at casinos. He is free on bond until he begins serving his sentence.