It may seem like common sense, but the Illinois National Guard has issued a statement asking the public to stay away from its facilities if they are trying to play the new Pokeman Go game.  The popular app challenges users to capture virtual characters by visiting actual sites, with some at or near National Guard facilities.

Several people have apparently tried to get onto bases around the state to find items in connection with the game, but a guard spokesman says the public needs to stay away.  Lt. Col. Brad Leighton said in a statement that the public should stay away from bases and other military facilities if they are trying to play the Pokemon Go game, and forbids any guard member from playing while on duty at those facilities.   The Pokemon Go game utilizes the GPS from a users smart phone to guide them as part of the game, which has prompted some players to trespass onto private property.  Some tourist sites and businesses are welcoming players during normal business hours, and even some churches are reminding players they are always welcome to attend as long as they play the game after services.


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