An organization that opposes cuts to social services is suggesting tax increases to avert those cuts.  Voices for Illinois Children put out the report, suggesting restoring the income tax to pre-2015 levels, adding sales tax to some services, taxing retirement income and closing so-called corporate tax loopholes. 
“So far Gov. Rauner has said that he has only one option. The governor has said that his only option is to make cuts to balance the budget. That’s not true. There’s a lot of options. They’re all in here,” said Emily Miller, the director of policy and advocacy, brandishing the report at a news conference in the Capitol. “Pick one. Pick many. But start picking some.”
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The projected budget shortfall is $6 billion, which the governor proposes closing with $3 billion in real cuts and $3 billion in savings from pensions and Medicaid that have no chance of occurring during the next fiscal year, and when they don’t, that will require even more cuts or tax increases.
The governor has talked about a sales tax in services, but for now, he’s not supporting any tax increase.
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