A new Springfield non-profit distributing wholesale drugs normally destroyed is working to send them instead to parts of the world that may need them more.

Doctor Rod Matticks is president of “12 Baskets Full” — and says everything from anti-depressants to blood glucose meds are collected by the new group, with their first source being the Sangamon County Jail and Sheriff Wes Barr.

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“He was very willing to work with us, and we wanted to start locally here,” says Matticks.  “We worked with [Barr], and took our first shipment of medication from them in the past few weeks.  We’ve actually distributed those during a mission trip to Honduras.”

Matticks says most of the time, the medicines go back to their original dispensaries, or somehow, in his words, “end up in the ecosystem.”

“We know that the chain of custody still exists for these medications,” says Matticks.  “They haven’t been distributed to a patient.  These are medications that come from a pharmacy to a site.  They’re still in control of the nursing staff or whatever.  They come in blister packs.”