There's an interesting story about Donald Trump, if only he'd let us tell it. A news release – which Trump's campaign did not send us – about Trump's entry into the Illinois presidential campaign says Kent Gray, a Springfield lawyer and off-and-on politico, is the state director for the Trump campaign. Gray directed reporters' inquiries to Hope Hicks, a national communications director for Trump.

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Gray, 45, is not the sort of old hand who has directed some other presidential campaigns – Dan Rutherford for Mitt Romney; Jim Durkin for John McCain. What makes him the best? Why would you think Trump has a chance here amid whispers and suggestions of massive disorganization?
Hicks refused to make Gray – or anybody else – available for an interview about the Trump campaign and its prospects in Illinois; what makes Gray the best person for the job; or even whether we'll see Trump standing in front of the Superman statue in Metropolis, eating a horseshoe in Springfield, or getting a shoeshine in Peoria between now and the 2016 election.

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