Organizations that want grants from the state may have a more strenuous process to go through.  As an investigation about mishandling within an anti-violence program started by the governor is under way, the legislature has passed a measure that would provide more oversight into organizations applying for state grants. The measure would provide additional oversight for $8 billion dollars’ worth of state grant money spent annually.
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“We finally have a protection in place for taxpayers to make sure that the people who are receiving the money are going to be doing the best job – they’re going to be spending the money wisely, they’re going to be making a difference,” said the measure’s sponsor, State Sen. Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge).
It would require organizations to provide audits, criminal and financial records, and conflicts of interest when applying for the grants. A new transparency unit would be formed and grant compliance officers would be assigned in state agencies.  Opponents say the measure would not go far enough in stopping grants from going to organizations based more on politics than merit.  The measure passed both chambers and heads to the governor’s desk.
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