America’s Central Port District may have a more secure future with the City of Grafton.  A new Grafton City Council was sworn in almost a year ago and one of the first actions they took was to vote to request removal from the Port District.  That request was put on hold, as some members of the council wanted to take the temperature of their constituents though an advisory referendum.

The ballot question read, " Should the city of Grafton be disconnected from America’s Central Port District?"   With about 370 ballots cast, voters in Grafton said no by a 56% to 44% margin.  Some concerns voiced by council members and residents about inclusion in the district were the ability to levy taxes.  The executive director of the port district has said in previous interviews with The Big Z the district has never levied taxes, and does not anticipate that changing.

In the only contested local race, Jersey County Board District 1 saw a three-way race for two spots on the Republican ballot in the fall. 

Jarrod Hayes       310 (27%)

Roger Newberry  320 (28%)

Benjamin Heitzig 520 (45%)



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